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Discovering Who God Has Called You To Be

We hear from scripture that before we were born God knew us and had a dream for our lives (Psalm 139). We also hear that from the womb God gave us a special name. (Isaiah 49:1). This workshop will help you to discover God’s extraordinary gift: your Personal Vocation.  Based on the teaching of Fr. Herbie Alphonso, SJ, we will discuss the theology behind the “name” God calls you by, how to discover that name, how it can change your life, and how it can help you to know not only what God has called you to be, but also what he has called you to do!   

Talks Include:

  • What is “Personal Vocation”?
  • Meaning and Desire
  • How to Discover your Personal Vocation 
  • How Personal Vocation Can Change Your Life and Prayer, and Connect You More Deeply with Jesus.

Retreat Format

The workshop may be done in one, two or three days, depending on how deeply you wish to dive into this topic. The longer format includes time for spiritual direction and individual discernment.