Lenten Upper Room Series:
Biblical Prayer

Instructor: Fr. Peter Grover, OMV
Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm
Every Tuesday during Lent in the Upper Room
(To get to the Upper Room, walk to the very front of the church, towards the altar, turn right, go through the double doors, and walk up the stairs.)

There are many forms of prayer. Silent prayer, for example, is the experience of a bond between us and God without the use of words. Vocal and mental prayer (like the rosary) involve the use words while our thoughts are raised to the mysteries of revelation. There are still others ways of praying, such as the Ignatian Exercises, personal prayer, and intercessory prayer, and so forth. Biblical prayer is unique because the words we speak are not ours but God’s own inspired words, which we borrow from Scripture. This is our opportunity to pray in God’s language. We use the words of the Bible, not just for us to talk to God, but also for us to listen to God while he talks to us in his own words. Biblical prayer always means a dialogue with the divine. I invite you to learn and experience this form of prayer by offering to you this Lenten series. Please join us as we explore the meaning of the words in the prayers that have been handed down to us by Christ, the prophets, and the biblical saints.

March 12      Biblical Prayer
March 19      Prayer in the Pentateuch
March 26      Prayer in the Book of Psalms (Guest Speaker TBA)
April 2            Prayer in the Prophets
April 9            Prayer in Luke
April 16         Prayer in John
April 30        (Easter Season Bonus!) Prayers of Paul