A Weekend Seminar on
Discerning the Will of God
An Ignatian Guide to Christian Decision Making

“Is it time to change jobs?”
“Should I marry?”
“Am I called to the priesthood or religious life?”

Sooner or later, every thoughtful Christian asks such questions. This seminar will help you to make spiritual sense of your major life decisions. This seminar will walk you through each step of the time-proven methods of St Ignatius of Loyola, including opening your heart to whatever God asks; making use of silence, the Eucharist, Scripture, and spiritual direction; and finding clarity (and what to do when you lack clarity). Insights gained in this seminar on the major questions of life can be adapted to other significant life decisions as well. Be certain that this weekend will assist you in discerning God’s will in great and small questions as you seek to serve Him fully.

The Seminar will be held here at St. Clement Eucharistic Shrine

January 26 and 27, 2019

To Register, email OMVUSA@gmail.com
or call St. Clement’s at (617) 982-7264
(Please include the spelling of your name and phone number)

Weekend Fee: $50 – Students/Seminarians:  $30

(however we cannot accommodate food restrictions at this facility. If you have special requirements feel welcome to bring your own lunch.)