Parables in Matthew’s Gospel

This course will discuss the parables in Matthew’s Gospel which help us understand the importance of the kingdom of God. They motivate us to “pop” our world bubble, and to live in a manner that will benefit others and gain blessings for ourselves.  Join us as we better understand the advantages of being a member of the Kingdom of Heaven from the parables.

Location: St. Clement Shrine (Upper room)

Time: Wednesdays 7:00 pm — 8:00 pm


November 28
Defining a parable of Jesus.
History of interpretation.
Jesus as originator of the parables.
Interpretive methods for understanding parables.

December 5
The Sower (Matt 13:1-9).
Weeds and the Wheat (Matt 13:18-23).
Mustard Seed and Leaven (Matt 13:31-33).
The Treasure (Matt 13:44).
The Pearl (Matt 13:45).

December 12
Lost Sheep (Matt 18:23-35).
Unmerciful Servant (Matt 18:23-35).
Workers in the Vineyard (Matt 20:1-16).

December 19
Two Sons (Matt 21:28-32).
Wicked Servants (Matt 21:33-46).
Wedding Banquet and the Feast (Matt 22:1-14).
Ten Virgins (Matt 25:1-13).
Pounds and the Talent (Matt 25:14-30).