Fr. Peter Presents a Six-Week Summer Course on the Four Gospels


I invite you to join me as I present the four Gospels. They are often read in short, isolated passages that are detached from the theological framework of the Gospel writers. This class will give a “big picture,” providing you with a backdrop by which you can understand the meaning of the Gospel text more fully. This course will sharpen your reading skills so that you will see more into the meaning of each Gospel and allow you to appreciate, pray with, and teach the Gospels better than you ever did before.


Tuesdays, 7 PM- 8 PM in the Upper Room

  • June 5 – How to Read the Gospels as a Catholic
  • June 12 – Mark: Blazing the Trail to Follow Him
  • June 19 – Matthew: Real Discipleship
  • July 10 – Luke: Fulfilling the Divine Plan
  • July 17 – John: Creating Children of God
  • July 24 – How to Pray with the Gospels


Please email with the subject “Summer Class”