Monday, Second Week of Advent

Theme: Joshua
Symbol: Wall of Jericho

File:Excavated walls of Jericho.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
The walls of old Jericho, revealed by excavations. Daniel Case

Prayer of Ven. Bruno Lanteri

Almighty and Eternal God, I (name), although most  unworthy, but encouraged by your compassion and infinite mercy, and by the desire of serving you, offer before the Most Holy Virgin Mary and all the Court of Heaven, to your Divine Majesty, this day, and all my thoughts, words and actions in it. I humbly beg of your infinite goodness and mercy, by the Blood of Jesus Christ, that you choose to accept this offering in the odor of sweetness, and that as you have given me the grace to desire and to make this offering, so also you grant me the grace to fulfill it. Amen.

O Virgin immaculately conceived, put into my heart those things of your Son most pleasing to him. Amen.

Scripture: Hebrews 11:30
By faith the walls of Jericho fell after being encircled for seven days.

Reflection: By faith the walls came down. One might think the armies of Israel led by the great warrior Joshua brought the walls of Jericho down. It was indeed listening to the word of God and trusting in it that led to the collapse of the walls. Joshua was a great leader because he first placed himself under God and became a servant of his word. Are you listening to the Word of God? Do you wish to be a servant of this word?