Strong and faithful God,

You have chosen these men and women to be athletes; may they run to complete the course and honor you.

Instill in them respect for each other and reward them for their perseverance.

Keep their feet and legs strong and without injury.

Strengthen their backs.

Give health to their heart and lungs.

Strengthen their bones.

Grant to them also Lord, a great gratitude for the gift of movement.

As they run the course let them soak in the richness of the world you have created.

Give them patience when they can’t do all they wish to do.

Give them courage to push harder and further than their first instincts may want.

Help them to strike the balance between rest and reach.

Teach them life lessons while they run.

May they compete with nobility.

Grant to them a good finish.

O gracious God, finally, grant them to run the race of life with your grace they may receive the reward of the kingdom.

May they honor Christ our Lord in all they do. Amen.