December 1, 2019 – First Sunday of Advent

St. Andrew’s Day

St. Andrew Day’s is celebrated on November 30 and is traditionally a major solemnity in the Greek Orthodox Church. The Patriarch of Constantinople (considered the Ecumenical Patriarch for all Orthodox Churches) is considered the successor to St. Andrew. Every year the pope sends representatives to Constantinople (now Istanbul) to celebrate with the Greek Orthodox (the Patriarch of Constantinople in turn sends a representative to Rome on the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul). St. Andrew’s Day also helps to designate the beginning of the Season of Advent. The first Sunday of Advent is always the first Sunday after the Feast of St. Andrew in the Latin Rite.

It is fitting that Advent would follow upon St. Andrew’s Day as he was the first Apostle called by Jesus. Andrew, it appears, was a disciple of John the Baptist and was sent by John to follow Jesus. As such, Andrew is a great saint to prepare us for the coming of Jesus. In the Gospel of John Andrew asks Jesus where he is staying and Jesus replies, “Come and see.” This is the spirit of Advent. With St. Andrew let us come and see where Christ is in our lives.

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