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Always Have A Reason to Be Grateful and Happy

On my way home, I saw a lady standing in front of her car with the hood up. When she saw me, she asked if I had a pair of jumper cables. I told I did and I would get my car. When I said that, she responded, “Oh, thank you so much. I asked other people who walked by, and they didn’t even look at me. I am so grateful; thank you so much.” I thought to myself, “Why is she so happy and grateful? I haven’t done anything.” She was happy because I gave her a reason to be happy and hopeful. I gave her my word, “I will get the car.” There are times that we find ourselves not exactly in front of a car with the hood up, but we are in front of a hard moment, maybe a lost job, a lost friend, a bad grade, or a discouraging health report. No matter what the situation, we always have a reason to be grateful, a reason to be happy. God gives us a reason to be hopeful–His word.

If you read the First Letter to the Corinthians, you will discover that the Church there is in bad shape. When they come together to break bread, the rich go to one room and get drunk, while the poor are in another room starving. If you read the letter, you will see that Christians are taking Christians to court and suing each other. When you read the letter, you find out that some Christians are telling others that their leadership and gifts are more important than those of their fellow Christians. Paul is standing before this train wreck of a Church, yet he starts his letter with gratitude and happiness. Why? He knows that God will sanctify His Church and make its members holy. Paul believes in grace and the gifts that Christ won on the cross. He has Christ’s words.

I had my own moment. I was not standing in front of a car with the hood up but sitting down and looking at my flip phone. On my speed dial, Mom had the number one selection. She was in the number one spot because I called her on the speed dial more than I called anyone else. We were like best friends. I called her every day. When my mother died, I opened my flip phone, and the speed dial appeared. I knew I would never push the number one selection again and hear her voice. Still, I had a reason to be thankful and happy at that moment. Like the woman standing in front of her car with the hood up, hearing me say, “I will get the car,” I was hearing Christ’s voice, “I am the Resurrection and the life.” And, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest,” and “I will wipe away every tear away because I can– because I will.”

Advent is not a time to be sad or feel down. It is a time to listen to the divine Voice.” No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we always have a reason to be grateful and happy. We have to remember to hear God’s word.

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