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The Meaning Behind “My Grace Is Sufficient”.

Everything breaks. The good news is that most things can be fixed. I know because I am the house fix-it guy. Whenever something breaks, people come to me. For example, a guest that locked himself out of his room. I had a spare key. Then someone came to me at night telling me the lock was stuck on the outside door and it could not be locked. One of the toilets did not flush. Yesterday, someone told me that one of the cars had not started. Between, YouTube tutorials, and a room full of tools, I usually can get it fixed.

When Jesus died on the cross, all the followers and disciples were broken. Ten of them locked themselves in an upper room due to fear. Two disciples threw in the towel and, in despair, left for Emmaus. Thomas would not believe unless he put his hand in Jesus’ pierced side. Mary Magdala was running around trying to find the body of Jesus, which was missing from the tomb, and Peter had just denied Jesus three times. Everyone was broken in some way. When Jesus rose from the dead, He “fixed” them. He appeared to the ten and turned their fear into pure joy. He appeared to the disciples, who threw in the towel. They returned to Jerusalem with ardent commitment. He appeared to Thomas, who then shifted from a non-believer to a believer, He appeared to Mary who was upset about the empty tomb and fixed her. He appeared to Peter, allowing himself to replace his three denials with three statements: “You know that I love you.” Everyone who encountered the Risen Lord benefited from the Master Who fixes us.

St. Paul had a thorn in his flesh. Jesus told him, “My grace is sufficient.” I know what that means.

Life can beat us up. We all break at some point. A woman called me the other day and told me her sister has a strong case of CD. I have no idea what that is. I know some who have ADD. I have a case of PMR, a rare rheumatoid disorder. We all have something, so when Jesus tells us that his grace is sufficient, we should know what that means.

Whenever something breaks in the house, everyone knows what to do. They call me. When we need help, we also know what to do.

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