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Moses and God talk Ex. 32:7-14

God says to Moses your people are complaining and rebelling. Your people that you brought out of Egypt are rebelling and made a golden calf and worshiped it.  I am going to end it all.  Let’s you and I leave these people and start a new nation.

Now that would have given me a moment of pause. Um, they are a real pain.  They are never happy complaining and not being very grateful to God.  On the other hand I have God complaining on one side of me and the people on the other side of me.   I am caught in the middle.

Imagine you are going to give a dinner party for your friends and neighbors. Why not, long winter it would be nice to have a good time together.  You get everything together invite the people. Some can’t make it. The ones that come complain.  What caterer did you get this food is really bad.  I cooked this.  You have to change your florist these rags are hideous.  I grew these flowers.  The pool is not clean.  I just cleaned it.  At some point would you not consider at least saying.  Ok the party is over everyone out of the pool.  The door is this way.  Don’t let it hit you on your way out.

I can imagine what I would have reacted in Moses place.  Stuck in the desert.  No one happy.   Two choices.  Live with them or live without them.  You want to live without them because who needs that mess.

Moses pleads with our Lord.  Don’t give up on them.  They are Your people. Remember Your heart that You would never leave Your people.  Do you see what I see?  Moses has God’s heart.  I think God was testing Moses to see.  He wants to know his heart.  Jesus did the same He would test to see the heart.  In John’s Gospel He says to the Pharisees I know you and you do not have the heart of God.  God wants us to have His heart under the most trying of circumstances.  That is, a heart that loves unconditionally.

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