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No matter how hard it gets, difficult the task, or impossible the situation, just add humble simplicity and you will get amazement. Take my face, for example. Yes, it could use Photoshop, but just add a humble smile and some laughter, and my face lights up.  Take a rodent. Give it some floppy ears and a white cotton ball for a tail and you get a bunny. Take a metal container filled with rocks and sand – you can’t even budge it – add a simple wheel and you get the wheel-barrel. You can move the weight anywhere. Take anything in your life that is unpleasant or too heavy to handle, add humble simplicity, and you will get something special every time. 

After receiving word that there were five loaves of bread and two fish, Jesus told the disciples to instruct the crowd to recline on the grass and prepare to eat. Imagine you were one of the disciples and had to fulfill this task. What would you say to the people? “Listen up everyone, we are going to feed you today; we have food. We are confident disciples.”  No, you would not say that with only five loaves of bread in the kitchen. Instead, the crowd would ask you questions–“Are you sure you have enough food for us all? Do you have any idea what you are doing?” There you would be with no answers and no food. What would you do when you have nothing? You would return back to our Lord and be humble. You may say to Him, “I did what you asked. Now, what do you want me to do?” Then you would see the Lord take the bread, look up to heaven, and pray. He would give you a portion of the bread and fish and would tell you to feed them. You would return to your group and hand the food to the people in the first row. Someone in the second row may ask, “Is that it? Is that all you have? Are you going to have enough for us as well?”  What do you do when you have nothing? You go back to the Lord and humbly tell him, “I did what you asked me. What do You want me to do now? He will give you more bread and fish and tell you, “Feed them.” After the fifth row, you start to run and shout to everyone: “Look, look what God has done for us.” 

 I just finished a hospital call on the top floor. I was waiting for the elevator. During the wait, more people arrived until there was a small crowd. The elevator finally came and we all shuffled in. Just as we all entered, someone outside yelled, “Hold the door!” It was a woman with a baby carriage. We all scrunched against the wall of the elevator to make room for the baby carriage. I do not think any of us were happy about it. Just as we started to descend, the baby started to laugh hysterically. So naturally, we all had to take a look at what was so funny. One guy said, “I think he is laughing at us all squished against the wall while he has plenty of room.” Everyone started to laugh. When the woman got out on the second floor, we all waved to the baby. By the time we got to the first floor the entire mood of the elevator had changed. We had begun the ride down in silence, uncomfortable, and not happy from the waiting and the crowded conditions. We left the elevator laughing, friendly, and we talked to each other: “Have a nice day.” What happened? A baby added humble simplicity.

Before God sent His Son into the world, it was filled with violence, greed, and hate, Nations fought against other nations. Christ came as a humble servant, and wherever He went, He brought amazement. No matter what hardship or difficulty you have to face, bring humble simplicity. That is our job. If you do, you will always find amazement.

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