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We all get discouraged, feel down, get upset, lose heart, or feel underappreciated. Once in a while, someone will come into our lives and throw us a rope, turn the switch, and give us hope and encouragement. That person is a leader. It happens. We lose our way in life. Once in a while, someone will come and put a fork in the road, or a U-turn. That is a leader.

When the Israelites were discouraged or lost their way, they would turn to God. They would ask God to help them. Maybe it was the economy, a drought, or some pesky neighbors. God would hear their prayer and send them a person who could fix the problem. A professional who would help the people for whatever the need. Once the problem was solved, the leader would go away. He or she was not needed anymore. Not long after the departure, God would hear the people cry again and God would have to send another leader. God saw that the people needed something more permanent and so he promised us a succession of leaders so we would always be encouraged and hopeful. When God saw David, He knew He had a king. He was humble, he loved God, and he was never afraid because he trusted God. David also had great genes. His great-grandmother was Ruth. She was a Moabite who was more faithful to God than most of the Israelites during the hardest times. So now we have a continuous line of kings without interruption. No hiccups or pauses.

Here is the problem. What if the leader himself was discouraged, down, lost heart, or lost his way? This is what would happen, the people would have no one to offer them encouragement and hope. So God sent us a leader Who would never get discouraged, never lose heart, a leader Who would always bask in the light of the Father. Welcome to the feast of Christ the King?

   When the Lord carried His cross on the way to Calvary, He wore a sign around His neck.  The sign told the onlookers the reason why Jesus was going to be crucified. In fact, everyone who carried a cross had to wear such a sign.  When they arrived to be crucified, the soldiers removed the sign from around the neck and affixed it on the cross. It is true with us. We all carry a cross in life. There is a sign around our neck that gives the reason why we are carry a cross.

One time I went home to visit and spend some time with my parents. When I was leaving, Mom told me to put on a sweater because it was a little raw outside. I told her I would be fine. She insisted, “You are going to catch a cold.” Sure enough, I caught a cold and was miserable for 5 days. That was my cross. If I had a sign around my neck to indicate the reason for my cold, it would read: “Big Dummy for not listening to his mom and wearing a sweater on a cold day.”  Every one of us carries a cross.  But what does our sign read? When we read Jesus’ sign it was supposed to be a mockery. But when we read the sign, it means this. If we ever get discouraged, or lose heart, or feel underappreciated. We always, always have someone who will come into our lives and throw us a rope, turn on the switch. We always have someone in our life who will help us realize our full potential. That is what it means when I say Christ is the King of the Universe.

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