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Light always implies visibility. If you cannot see something, turn the light on. Whenever the Bible mentions light, it always signifies the visibility of God. This is a problem because God is invisible. So when God wants us to see Him, He has to offer light by way of a divine process called “glorification.” That is why you often hear that God glorifies Himself. When God “glorifies,” it means he wants to give us enough light so we can see Him. It is important to remember that glory does not always mean that everyone is going to be able to see God. That is what is implied by the story of the Magi. Some will see God and some will not. The wise magi see God because they notice the light from the star. Herod and his gang do not. You have to notice. Allow me to offer an example.

My brother flew out on vacation to do some fly fishing with me. After I pulled into the park to fish the pond, a green inch-worm dropped on the windshield right in front of me. I turned to my brother and asked him, “David, do you have any of those green worm flies in your fly box?” He said he had a bunch of them. I asked, “Can you give me a few of them?” My brother went to the middle of the lake to fish, which is a great strategy. The big fish like the deeper water. I stayed at the edge where the trees were hanging over the water. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind rocked the branches and immediately green inchworms fell into the water and were immediately gobbled up by the fish. So I took out my green worm fly and cast it under the tree. As soon as the fly hit the water I had a fish. After three casts and three fish, my brother came over and told me there were no fish in the middle. I told him, “That is because all the fish in the lake were under the trees waiting for a snack.” Needless to say, we had a great day. We told Dad about the green worms and the fish. The next day around the same time in the afternoon, Dad called me. He didn’t say a word. He just laughed hysterically. I said, “I know what you did today. You went to that pond and cast green worm flies under the trees and caught lots of fish.” What if a green inch-worm landed on your windshield? Would you notice? I noticed and I followed the lead which turned out to impact my life. So too, the Wise noticed the star. Herod did not.

God told Elijah to go to Mount Horeb to meet with Him. The prophet arrived and waited and there was a wind storm. He figured that God would be in the powerful wind, but He was not. Next, there was an earthquake, and God was not in the earthquake. Then there was a fire and God was not in the fire. Elijah is like us, looking in all the wrong places. After the fire, there was ash that fell softly from the sky like a snowflake. So small, yet God was in the ash, and Elijah noticed. One day you go to the supermarket and the person gives you your receipt and says, “have a nice day.” At first, the event does not seem important but then you notice the mask and the fogged-up glasses that are worn by someone who works for minimum wage and has to rent in the most expensive city in the country. You notice greatness. The Festival of Lights means that God is making Himself visible, but not everyone will see. Only the wise will see Him.

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