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“Peace Be With You”: The Resurrection Gift from God to Us.

The circulating pump broke, so Br. Chris and I went to the motor store to get some parts. A woman came out of the back room to help us. She knew everything about motors, so I asked her how she knew so much. She replied that her father started and grew the business, and he is now retired in Florida. When she said that, I knew the father had “shalom.” He is retired, happy, and at peace because his kids will carry on the business and his legacy.

I was transferred to Boston to make repairs to the building and the church. After assessing the damage, I went to my father and complained. Everything needs to be replaced–the plumbing, the electrical, the heating system, floors, and ceilings. My father said, “Peter, I am a carpenter, your brother is a carpenter, all your uncles are carpenters, your cousins are carpenters. This is what we do. We go into old buildings and make them new again. Don’t forget who you are; you are a Grover.” My father will be ninety-three next month. He is thinking about retiring. Still, my father has “shalom.” He is at peace because he has a family that will carry on the name and the legacy.
What happens if you do not have any kids to carry on the name and legacy? Then you will not have shalom. Your name will be forgotten, your skills will disappear, and your legacy will vanish.

Tamar, in the book of Genesis, had no kids when her husband died. So she went to the husband’s father and said, “I need a kid from you to carry on my husband’s name and legacy.” No way,” he responded. So she put on some high heels, some lipstick, and perfume.  disguised in a nice dress, she approaches the dad and asks, “You want to have a good time tonight?”  After an evening together, the dad forgot his wallet to pay her, so she told him, “That’s all right, I will take your ring.” 

When they accused Tamar of committing adultery, she showed them the ring and asserted, “It was not adultery; I was providing an heir for my husband so he could have shalom.

Why am I recounting this story? When Jesus entered the upper room on the day of the resurrection, He told his disciples, “Peace be with you.” That means that at this moment, the Father in Heaven has kids to carry on the divine legacy on earth. When we see a broken world, broken homes, and broken promises, we bring hope because this is who we are; this is what we do. We carry on God’s legacy. The greatest thing that ever happened to you and me was when Jesus walked into the room and declared, “shalom.” We are now part of a family that will bring God to the world.

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