“For, since it is the will of Divine Providence that we should have the God-Man through Mary, there is no other way for us to receive Christ except from her hands.”– Pope St. Pius X

Prayer for the Faithful at St. Francis Chapel

O Mother of Jesus, whose intercession strengthens the Church, conserve, increase and make fruitful this congregation at St. Francis Chapel. O Mary, you care for the brethren of your Son with a mother’s love; watch with maternal charity over all who rejoice today to be part of this family. Sustain our priests in their apostolate, protect travelers on their journeys, guide students who seek truth, heal the sick and afflicted, and be a bulwark for all the faithful who gather at this chapel in living out their vocations at home and in the marketplace. Blessed Mother, who have already reached the perfection of grace, mercifully pray for us that by the merits of your Son we shall increase in faith, hope and love till the consummation of heaven. Amen.


A gate serves several purposes. First, it designates the entry way to a place. By place is meant not just some space but an organized community filled with people who have a purpose. A gate also protects this community from disorganization and chaos that would disturb the purpose of the community. Finally, a gate is a sign of the culture of the community based on its architectural features. A beautiful gate testifies to the wisdom, creativity and beauty of the community. An ugly gate testifies to the fear and dreariness rife within. Our Lady as Gate of Heaven is the entry way to Jesus. She shows the path one must take to become a disciple fully alive with Christ. She protects the holy community of the saints as a mother protects her young. Finally, Our Lady is most beautiful in holiness with the graces and virtues of her Son. It is common to gather at gateways. Today, the Body of Christ gathers around Our Lady as the apostles did as they prepared for the Pentecost.


Pray to the Immaculate Heart of Mary today.