File:Martyrdom of Saint Stephen by Giovanni Andrea De Ferrari (1598-1669), undated, oil on copper - Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti - DSC02144.JPG
Martyrdom of Saint Stephen. Giovanni Andrea de Ferrari (a598-1689). Photo by Own work, Daderot, 2013-09-25. Public Domain.

Opening Prayer: Jesus, Our Treasure by Ven. Bruno Lanteri

O, Jesus, you descended in the fullness of time from the royal throne; O you who are most desired of all. You came from the height of heaven to visit us, and we are overwhelmed with joy, for as soon as the eternal Father had seen you born in our flesh, he made the angels proclaim peace and grace to all of good will. Freeing us from all misery, the Father gave us his kingdom and filled us with all your good. Make our hearts open and able to hold so great a treasure. Amen.

Fruit of the Spirit: Generosity

Action for the Day: St. Stephen’s Day celebrates the first martyr after Christ’s resurrection. St. Stephen was one of the original seven deacons of the Church, who were ordained by the Apostles to administer charity to the needy. Stephen proved to be a powerful witness for Christ in being ready to give without counting the cost. Today, continue the celebration of Christmas by being generous in your time and in your treasure. Many in the world think today is post-Christmas and are thinking of the gifts they may need to return. Help others today to know that, with the Spirit of God, the gifts keep coming.