“I therefore command all my Brothers, those living now and those to come in the future, to venerate the Holy Mother of God, whom we always implore to be our Protectress, to praise her at all times, in all circumstances of life, with all the means in their power and with the greatest devotion and submission.” – St. Francis of Assisi 

Prayer for the Faithful at St. Francis Chapel

O Mother of Jesus, whose intercession strengthens the Church, conserve, increase and make fruitful this congregation at St. Francis Chapel. O Mary, you care for the brethren of your Son with a mother’s love; watch with maternal charity over all who rejoice today to be part of this family. Sustain our priests in their apostolate, protect travelers on their journeys, guide students who seek truth, heal the sick and afflicted, and be a bulwark for all the faithful who gather at this chapel in living out their vocations at home and in the marketplace. Blessed Mother, who have already reached the perfection of grace, mercifully pray for us that by the merits of your Son we shall increase in faith, hope and love till the consummation of heaven. Amen.


Ven. Lanteri -comments on the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary: “After recourse to the Holy Trinity and to the Humanity of Jesus Christ, Holy Church teaches us to appeal to the Holy Virgin Mary, so that she immediately follows with: Holy Mary, pray for us.”

I will not stop to demonstrate the beauty of  Holy Church’s judgment and manner of procedure, which always, assisted by the Holy Spirit, in all that she does, will always be excellently done; and in truth what could be more fitting than after invoking the Most Holy Trinity to immediately address she who is  Daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son, Bride of the Holy Spirit?”

Will we find anywhere titles, privileges, and excellence greater, or even equal, to this?”


Pray the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary