The massacre of the Innocents: Herod orders his men to go to Bethlehem -  PICRYL Public Domain Image
Herod Orders the Killing of The Holy Innocents. Public Domain

Opening Prayer: Jesus, Our Treasure by Ven. Bruno Lanteri

O, Jesus, you descended in the fullness of time from the royal throne; O you who are most desired of all. You came from the height of heaven to visit us, and we are overwhelmed with joy, for as soon as the eternal Father had seen you born in our flesh, he made the angels proclaim peace and grace to all of good will. Freeing us from all misery, the Father gave us his kingdom and filled us with all your good. Make our hearts open and able to hold so great a treasure. Amen.

Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

Scripture: Romans 12:12
Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Action for the Day: Few things test our love as children do. The helplessness of the child should inspire in us the greatest acts of selflessness, but so often it also exposes our own weaknesses and helplessness. Herod responded to the birth of Jesus not with humility but with envy and rage. He sought to exterminate that which exposed his own weaknesses. The death of the Holy Innocents at the hands of Herod and the fleeing of the Holy Family was a dark moment in an otherwise joyful time. Even in the midst of this season of divine goodness we can be tempted by darkness to lose the Spirit of Christmas. Patience is the virtue that maintains equanimity and poise in the midst of sadness. Call on the Holy Family to be with you today in managing any temptations to discouragement. Be patient with yourself and others in this hectic time.