A talk by Fr. Shawn Monahan, OMV

March 11, 6 PM

Pope Benedict XVI said that “Healing is an essential dimension of the apostolic mission and of Christianity.  When understood at a sufficiently deep level, this expresses the entire content of redemption.”

The question then is, “Where do I need healing? Where am I wounded?”


The season of Lent is an invitation to enter into the journey of healing and transformation of the wounds that hold us back from living more fully the life of the Risen Lord that is intended and extended to all of us.

Fr. Shawn Monahan was ordained a priest of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary in 2002.

Over the past 17 years working in seminary formation, retreat ministry and parish ministry, Fr. Shawn has developed a deeper understanding of the dynamics of growth and maturity in the Christian life and how to overcome and heal the wounds that hold us back from experiencing Jesus’ deepest desire for each of us: “I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.”