The Tradition

The Oblates of the Virgin Mary was founded in Pinerolo, Italy in 1826 by Venerable Bruno Lanteri. Prior to that time, the men who would form the Oblates of the Virgin Mary had begun giving parish missions in 1817 in Carignano, Italy. They continued giving parish missions with the new foundation of the Oblates in 1826 and it remains a tradition which is very much alive today.

Mission Goals

The goal of the parish mission is to preach The Truth of the Gospel and To Proclaim the Mercy of God. God has given us a gift for this ministry and we wish to share this gift with you and the members of your parish family.

The parish mission is a special moment of grace which can help the people of a parish community renew their faith in and love for Jesus Christ and discover the beauty of their call as Catholics to put their faith into practice. The goal of the mission is to try to have as many people as possible to be a part of this experience of God’s love and mercy. The mission is open to those who regularly practice their faith, to non-practicing Catholics as well as people from other Christian communities.

Next Steps

The parish mission can be from three days to five days in length. Each night, the Oblate missionary will preach on a different Gospel theme and demonstrate how that theme can be applied and lived in our everyday life.

If you are interested in inviting us to your parish community, contact us at 617-698-6785 ext. 102 or