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Directed Silent Retreats

Directed silent retreats are a wonderful experience for people in every stage of the spiritual life. If it is your first time, you can learn the value of silence in prayer and life in general. If you have made retreats before, come for deeper growth and personal restoration. These retreats include a daily meeting with a spiritual director to discuss your prayer and experience in a beautiful retreat setting near Denver. Come away for five days of spiritual renewal – in whatever time you have to be still and know God.

Next Retreat (Tentative): Mother Cabrini Shrine October 27-31, 2021

Cost is $360 for 5 days, $270 for 4 days or $180 for 3 days 
October 27-31, 2021| Mother Cabrini Shrine, Golden, CO 

Please click here to Register On-line: 2021 Fall Silent Retreat

November 5-6, 2021: Workshop with Kay Davis: DISCOVERING WHO GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO BE

 We hear from scripture that before we were born God knew us and had a dream for our lives (Psalm 139). We also hear that from the womb God gave us a special name. (Isaiah 49:1). This workshop will help you to discover God’s extraordinary gift: your Personal Vocation. Based on the teaching of Fr. Herbie Alphonso, SJ, we will discuss the theology behind the “name” God calls you by, how to discover that name, how it can change your life, and how it can help you to know not only what God has called you to be, but also what he has called you to do!

What is “Personal Vocation”?
Meaning and Desire
How to Discover your Personal Vocation
How Personal Vocation Can Change Your Life and Prayer, and Connect You More Deeply with Jesus.


This will take place over 2 days. Friday from 7pm to 9pm and Saturday from 9am to 3pm. 

Registration is required

***Attendance is virtually online as well as a limited number of in person spots.  Spots will be reserved at time of payment only! ***

Cost $40 | 2 Days November 5-6, 2021
Please click here to Register On-lineNovember Workshop

For those wishing to attend in person, due to the limited space, your payment will reserve your seat, all others will be placed on a waiting list. Thank you for your understanding.

Other Resources

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Retreat and Spirituality Center: https://olph-retreat.org/

Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House: www.goodcounselretreat.com

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Fr. Gallagher has published his most recent book of the topic, Overcoming Spiritual Discouragement: The Wisdom and Spiritual Power of Venerable Bruno Lanteri. Learn practical ways to find peace amid your spiritual struggles and patience in the face of intense trials. Moreover, learn to profit spiritually from the afflictions that beset you by knowing how to recognize the enemy and reject his wiles.

Online Directed Retreats

On March 25, 1811, Venerable Bruno Lanteri, the founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, was placed under house arrest by Napoleon in the Italian countryside.  During this time of persecution of the Church, he was to remain imprisoned and under surveillance for three years until the fall of Napoleon in 1814.

These three years were a time of almost complete solitude for Father Lanteri.  Rather than lamenting his house arrest, Lanteri used this time to pray, attaining the highest levels of contemplation.  Ironically, he would later say that the favor of his house arrest by Napoleon was “one of the most beautiful of my life.”

During the current health crisis, many people who would like to make a retreat must remain at home for an extended period of time.  As long as the crisis lasts, we will offer online our 3-day, 5-day, and 8-day retreats based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  Like Father Lanteri, we may use this time for our spiritual growth.

In these online retreats. Fr. Mark Yavarone, OMV or Fr. Lino Estadilla, OMV, trained spiritual directors, will meet with you for an hour each day via a link provided to you, to help you to pray and to recognize how God is speaking.  You should already have a bible and journal available for your use.  We will email you any additional materials needed as the retreat unfolds. 
The cost will be as follows:
            3-day online retreat–$ 132.23  
            5-day online retreat–$ 203.98
            8-day online retreat–$ 306.48

You must have the ability to communicate by a computer, phone or laptop equipped with audio and camera.  Your home should be quiet enough to allow for prayer.  You are also responsible for making sure that your sessions are in a place in your home where you will not be overheard if you do not wish to be.

All information will be confidential, and password protected.  If you would like to make an online retreat, please email Denise Riley at riley@olph-retreat.org and a code will be provided for your online registration.   You will have to fill out an application for approval.  Please allow 7 days to arrange from your completed application until the beginning of your retreat.  

For more information visit the website at: https://olph-retreat.org/online-directed-retreat

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