The Oblates of the Virgin Mary are serious about vocations that seek holiness. Centered on the Eucharist, devoted to Mary and faithful to the Magisterium, the Oblates serve the Church as experts in authentic spirituality and heralds of the mercy of God. 

While not all Oblates have a vocation to the priesthood, we are all brothers living together in a community with the same mission. With an emphasis on spiritual direction, we seek to journey together with people who are looking to find and do God’s will in their lives.

Discerning Your Vocation

How do I discern my vocation? What should I do if I think I am being called? Why do seminarians have to study so much? There are many questions, and if you ask a priest or brother or seminarian, you will find an appreciation of the rich diversity of vocations in the church and the wisdom of centuries distilled in our particular way of life.

Discussing your calling with one of our Oblates is the first step in the process of discernment. We firmly believe that everyone has a calling from God. He has a plan for your life, to become a great saint and ensure that the talents He gave you will bear the most fruit. Each of us have different talents and a different personality. One day, we each discover that we fit well within some established way of life or mission, or that we are called to found something new with our unique gifts.

The OMV formation program promoted my individual gifts in addition to training me in the skills necessary for all brothers and priests. I received some coaching for singing, contributed to our online presence, and added to the ministry of hospitality within our community, since I love to cook.

Fr. Paul Nguyen

Are You Ready to Answer God’s Call?

Before entering into formation, take the time to examine your spiritual life and your relationship with God. Becoming an Oblate doesn’t require perfection, but it is a serious commitment. We will be here to help you on your journey and challenge you to do more to prepare for life as a seminarian and Oblate of the Virgin Mary.

  • Do you have a spiritual director or wise spiritual guide in your life? Work with them to discern your vocation.
  • How often are you attending Mass? Weekly? Several times a week?
  • Are you doing Holy Hour? Adoration is an important way to know Jesus Christ.
  • Do you have a deep spiritual connection to Mary?
  • Are you praying the Rosary and doing spiritual readings?

Reach Out to Us

If you’re ready to explore a vocation with the Oblates, we welcome you to learn more about formation and the application process, including a visit to Our Lady of Grace Seminary. May God bless you as you seek to answer His call.

Share Your Intentions & Honor a Loved One

Let's join together in prayer and the celebration of Mass! We invite you to engage with us by sharing your intentions and honoring your loved ones, either living or deceased, through our Masses & Memorials options.

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