“With prayer, the saints, all of whom were fragile like us, were always victorious. Without prayer, the saints themselves would have been overcome, like us.”
Ven. Bruno Lanteri, OMV Founder

Gifts to the Annual Fund support all aspects of the Oblate mission to bring about a rebirth of spirituality in today’s world. We’ve continued to support and grow the work of our ministries, finding innovative ways to offer the sacraments, caring and honoring our elder Oblates, and forming the next generation of Oblates at our seminaries. We’ve consistently brought our Lord into homes around the world through daily and Sunday Masses online, in addition to answering more than 1,750 online prayer requests last year.

Generosity to this fund covers shortfalls across all of our work, and recurring donations are a crucial component of that. Starting a recurring gift is an excellent exercise in giving and allows us to better plan for the future. You can also give through your Donor-Advised Fund, which is now easier than ever.

We thank God each and every day for the gift of generous supporters like you who allow us to care for His people. Know that you are always in our prayers. God Bless!