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Fr. Jim holds his Proclamation.

Fr. Jim holds his Proclamation.

As we approach the celebration of Thanksgiving, we recall to mind those people for whom we are grateful.  Last week, a group of people gathered together and showed their appreciation for Fr. Jim Walther, OMV.  This outgoing and much-loved pastor of St. Mary’s Parish in Alton, IL and the newly-elected provincial of the OMVs U.S. Province, Fr. Jim was recognized for his long and fruitful work at St. Mary’s.  The recognition was organized by a close group of friends, including the local Knights of Columbus and Brant Walker, mayor of the City of Alton.

The introductory text has a dash of humor.  ”Whereas, Father Jim Walther is a native of Michigan and is an avid Wolverine fan, and…..” begins the first sentence of the proclamation.  But then the proclamation takes on a more serious (and more heartfelt tone).  “Whereas, Father Jim Walther oversaw the growth of the parish, the school and Oktoberfest; and whereas, Father Jim Walther has faithfully served the people of Alton with dignity, grace, and humor for sixteen years….” the text continues.

The proclamation concludes with a declaration of “Fr. Jim Walther Day,” complete with the signature of the mayor of Alton and the official seal of the city.

Both humor and gratitude were part of this evening of recognition, and we congratulate Fr. Jim on this wonderful acknowledgement of his long and fruitful ministry at St. Mary’s Parish in Alton, IL.

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