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2016.09.22 Alex and Sanoy and other on radio

This week we highlight, once again, our OMVs who live and minister in the Philippines.  Over the last few days, social media friends of the OMVs were abuzz with this image of newly-ordained Deacon Alex Jufel Baldado, OMV and Oblate postulants who live in Cebu.  They were guests on a radio program called T’awag sa Pag-Alagad (A Call to Service).  The program, a weekly broadcast of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu, is carried through SVD-run radio station DYRF.  The postulants shared their life as seminarians, their “love story with God,” and their witness to the spirit of OMV Founder Venerable Bruno Lanteri.  We congratulate our seminarians on their guest appearance and applaud them for putting into practice a valuable part of our OMV charism:  propagating the truth through the mass media!

God bless and see you next week!

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events for Fall of 2016!

Parish Retreat and also Book Signing by Fr. Ed Broom, OMV

St. Peter Chanel Parish is hosting a Marian Spirituality Retreat to be held on Saturday, October 8, 2016.  We will also be selling Fr. Ed Broom’s new book, “From Humdrum to Holy,” on this day.  Fr. Ed Broom, OMV, will be available to sign your purchased copy during the day as scheduled.  Please come listen to four great talks on Mary and get your book to help you grow in holiness and become a saint!  Contact the parish through their website:  click here.


“Nunc Coepi — The Life of Venerable Bruno Lanteri” — Screening Dates

“Nunc Coepi” (pronounced “Noonk CHAY-pee”) means “Now I Begin” and is the new documentary on the life of Venerable Bruno Lanteri, founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary.  The film was shot on location in Italy and is being shown this year as part of our 200th Anniversary celebration.  Come see “Nunc Coepi” and engage in interesting discussions with those who made the film:

Saturday, November 5, 2016 – 7:30 p.m.  St.Clement Eucharistic Shrine, Boston, MA (in English)


Thursday, November 10, 2016 – 8:15 p.m. Church of the Sacred Heart or nearby, Pinerolo, ITALY (in Italian)


Saturday, November 12, 2016 – 8:30 p.m. Auditorium of Carignano, Carignano, ITALY (in Italian)


Friday, December 2, 2016 – 7:30 p.m.  Parish Center, St. Mary’ Parish, Alton, IL (in English)


Saturday, December 3, 2016 – 7:30 p.m.  Parish Center, St. Mary’ Parish, Alton, IL (in English)
NOTE:  Not all screening dates have been scheduled.  Screening dates will be added as they become available.


OMV Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

This wonderful event takes place in April of 2017 but you want to make sure you sign up soon to reserve your seat.  See Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Galilee, the Dead Sea, and so much more! See this PDF for more details (CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW):

Davis HL 17 Flyer



New Audio Books from Crossroad

Discernment of Spiritsaudio

Discerning the Will of God

Now Available for Purchase: Crossroad, 2015

Looking forward to reading the books of Fr. Timothy Gallagher, OMV, but not finding the time to do so? Wondering how you could be a little more productive during that long commute to work?  No worries — now two of Fr. Tim’s most popular titles (with more on the way) are available as audio books on CD!  “The Discernment of Spirits:  An Ignatian Guide for Everyday Living” is Fr. Tim’s first book and is read by Fr. Dan Barron, OMV.  It comes on eight CDs and lasts for nine hours, covering the text of the entire book.  “Discerning the Will of God: An Ignatian Guide to Christian Decision Making”  helps you to make spiritual sense of your major life decisions.  This book is read by Fr. John Wykes, OMV.  It comes on five CDs and lasts for just under five hours, covering the text of the entire book.

These items and more are available for purchase from Fr. Tim’s website.  Visit the site by clicking here.
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