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Seminarians including Colin Powell (center) pose for a picture at mealtime. Our “First” Week of Classes (2/27/2015) - Entry by Colin Powell…Our “first” week of classes — so it seems to all of us here! With all of the snow here in Boston these past two months, we have not had one full week of classes until this week! We postulants are delving into philosophy, taking a course in Ancient Philosophy, in which […]
The thumb of seminarian Jonas Verdeflor is thoroughly "ashed" after distributing ashes on Ash Wednesday. Ashes (2/21/2015) - Entry by Leland Thorpe…Lent is upon us, and we pray that this holy season of penance has begun well for you! Please pray for us as we journey with you during these forty days, especially for my fellow first-year seminarians and me. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I […]
2015.02.15 Among the Trappists (2/15/2015) - Entry by Jonas Verdeflor…From Feb. 13-15, we the postulants and our formator, Father Tom, went to St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Ma., for our day of recollection. Our previous retreats and recollections had been at the Oblate retreat center in Milton. But with other people, including the novices, taking 30-day retreats in Milton, we ventured […]


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