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Seminarians formal full tight smaller Seminarians’ Blog Returns in September (5/4/2015) - Our seminarians will not be posting entries during the summer months.  The Seminarians’ Blog will resume in September.  Until then, enjoy the extensive archives of past blog entries.  God bless and have a great summer!
The Seminarian Scholarship Dinner and Auction Peace Upon You (4/27/2015) - Entry by Br. Paul Nguyen, OMV…Since I last wrote, we have had a few more vocations visitors, but since the snow melted and only the final couple weeks of classes remain, things have been different around the seminary! Most of the snow melted just in time for Easter, freeing us substantially for all of our […]
Pope-John-Paul-II-and-soccer-e1398735592382 Getting Serious About Humanity (4/20/2015) - Entry by Leland Thorpe…Occasionally, I am struck by the surprising amount of time we spend in the seminary talking about the purely natural parts of being a human person. For instance, we recently had a formation meeting in which we talked a bit about public speaking, during which we watched a Ted Talk about the […]
2015.04.11 blog picture Remember… (4/11/2015) -   Entry by Colin Powell…Alleluia! He is Risen! Alleluia! The Church truly knows what She is doing in celebrating the Paschal Mystery: the Liturgies so rich and moving. The prayers full of sorrow and yearning and triumph; the darkened Church at the start of the Vigil lit up by the Paschal Candle, and fully lit […]
Seminarian Joel Ament (center in front of green divider) prayers with his fellow Oblate seminarians and priests before beginning Easter Vigil at St Clement Shrine on April 4th. Holy Saturday Reflection (4/5/2015) - Entry by Joel Ament…Over these past seven months of seminary life I have been very privileged to spend much more time with Jesus in front of the Blessed Sacrament. What more could one ask for in this life then to have Jesus physically present in the same house as your own? That is, of course, […]
2015.03.29 blog Surviving Midterms (3/29/2015) - Entry by Jonas Verdeflor…March has brought normalcy to the seminary schedule after the many fits and starts from January and February snowstorms. This relief in routine was overshadowed by a wave of midterms. Wait. Didn’t this semester just started? From March 13-20, we postulants had three midterms or exams. All of us had to submit […]
Br. Rafael Solorio, OMV, gestures a sign of peace to others during his First Vows ceremony last year. Please Call Me Brother! (3/22/2015) - Entry by Br. Rafael Solorio, OMV… “And the Word became flesh, and He dwelt among us” Jn 1:14 I am your brother; Please call me brother! Here I am!   How good it is to call God our Father! Do not be afraid! We are His children, deeply known and deeply loved!   “It is […]
"Come and Seers" pose near the chapel at St. Joseph Retreat House in Milton, MA. Come-And-See Visitors (3/16/2015) - Entry by Br. Paul Nguyen, OMV…Spring semester means cold weather, snow and ice, liturgical solemnity, … and visitors! In addition to the steady stream of school work and the regular rhythm of our pastoral apostolates, we welcome several men to the seminary who are at various stages of discerning their vocations to the priesthood and […]
Seminarians on Spring Break Spring Break But Still A Busy Seminary Life (3/9/2015) - Entry by Joel Ament…Given the fact we haven’t had a full week of school because of the record breaking snow, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to a spring break. That quickly changed when we opened the front door to the cabin and saw a massive fireplace and an incredible view of the snow resort to […]
Seminarians including Colin Powell (center) pose for a picture at mealtime. Our “First” Week of Classes (2/27/2015) - Entry by Colin Powell…Our “first” week of classes — so it seems to all of us here! With all of the snow here in Boston these past two months, we have not had one full week of classes until this week! We postulants are delving into philosophy, taking a course in Ancient Philosophy, in which […]


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