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Scott, Rafael and Paul getting comfy for the flight back to Boston Day 62, Dec. 28th Returning Home to Boston (12/29/2013) - 62 days from first arriving in Rome here we are returning to Boston on this day.  It has been a wonderful pilgrimage!  One that we will see and share the fruits of for years to come.  Luckily we had a direct flight from Rome to Boston and made it back to St. Clement’s around 8pm […]
The very busy hallways of the Vatican Museum. Day 61, Dec. 27th: A Visit to the Vatican Museum and One Last Stop at St. Peter’s (12/27/2013) - I wasn’t going to leave Rome without seeing the Sistine Chapel.  Today was our last full day here in Italy and I had yet to make it to the Sistine Chapel or the Vatican Museum.  So, with a free afternoon and permission from Novice Master Fr. Shawn, Rafael and I took off for pretty much […]
Ralfie and Scott looking at what is believed to be "the" nail from "the" cross Day 60, Dec. 26th: Seeing “the” Nail at Santa Cruce in Gerusalemme (12/27/2013) - I saw “the” nail.  We saw “the” nail.  Or I should say one of “the” nails.  Even as I write this blog a day later, the image of it is etched in my mind. We met up with Fr. John Paul Klein at the Basilica of the Holy Cross on this day, which is the […]


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