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Fr. Timothy Gallagher, OMV (center) and Fr. Jeremy Paulin, OMV (right) stand with our Come and See visitors. “Come and See” (1/17/2015) - Entry by Colin Powell…Here in Boston at St. Clement Shrine and Our Lady of Grace Seminary, each year there are several weeks set aside for what are called “Come and See” experiences. The purpose of these weeks is to offer an introduction of OMV life and daily seminary life to any man who is discerning […]
SJRH13 smaller Returns and Retreats! (1/9/2015) - Entry by Leland Thorpe… Greetings, once again, from Boston! Among the seminarians, we postulants were all away from St. Clement’s and Our Lady of Grace for Christmas break. Brothers Paul and Rafael were both away as well for a few days at SEEK, the semiannual FOCUS national conference. We’ve all been returning from our various […]
We study hard so as to get the best results on our exams! Studying in Community (12/27/2014) - Entry by Jonas Verdeflor…Entering seminary, the postulants come in with various studying methods. Most of the time, we study by ourselves. But I (Jonas) found that my fellow seminarians have great study ideas. A good way to learn a language is using flash cards. I didn’t like flash cards when I was younger because of […]


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