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This baby seal climbed onto the beach behind the Marie Joseph Spiritual Center in Biddeford, Maine, on Aug. 27, 2015. It eventually swam off later that night. Let’s Look Back… (5/16/2016) - Entry by Jonas Verdeflor…The past few days, my fellow seminarians and I have relaxed after the crush of finals.  You know that school is over when the window sill in the classroom is full of returned textbooks.  To celebrate on Friday, many of us saw the movie “Captain America: Civil War” and our friend Alex […]
Divine Mercy 03 “I will consider how Our Lord looks upon me…” (4/24/2016) - Entry by Leland Thorpe…A friend recently asked me what keeps me going as a seminarian and as a convert. I don’t think I’m ruining any large secret when I admit here that it’s not always easy to be a seminarian. We’ve given up a career and a family. Someone else tells us when to wake […]
"Haystack, Snow Effect" (1891) by Claude Monet Seeing Things Differently (4/18/2016) - Entry by Colin Powell…Every once and a while it is vital to take a break from study and being in the house, and to get outside. Adhering to this counsel, Leland, Br. Paul, Br. Rafael, Joel, and I went to the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts – Boston, MA) a week ago this past Wednesday. […]
2016.04.10 Meaning in Suffering (4/10/2016) - Entry by Br. Paul Kallal, OMV…Perhaps the most popular quote regarding evangelization is “Preach the Gospel at all times, when necessary use words.”  Whether St. Francis of Assisi is the author of these words is irrelevant.  What is relevant is the importance and necessity of all Catholics being a witness of our faith.  What does […]
The missal is ready for Divine Mercy Sunday on Saturday, April 2, 2016. Mary’s Housework: Sacristan (4/3/2016) - Entry by Jonas Verdeflor…On Easter and the following Monday, my daily meditations turned toward me being a slave/servant of the Virgin Mary.  I imagined what that would entail.  Would I be Mary’s hairdresser?  Would I be scrubbing dishes in the kitchen of her Nazareth home?  Somehow, deep down, I felt that I would enjoy these […]
The Oblates of the Virgin Mary celebrate Easter Vigil at St. Clement Shrine in Boston. Naval Officers and Priests (3/27/2016) - Entry by Jeremy Lee… This indeed has been a very special week for us.  In addition to a beautiful Holy Week, we had nine men visiting our community for our Come and See Retreat.  Some flew across the country and others drove many hours to spend time with us and to find out if God […]
2016.03.20 St, Joseph (3/20/2016) - Entry by Br. Nathan Marzonie, OMV…This weekend we celebrated the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Spouse of Mary and Patron of the Universal Church. It is an important day for Oblates of the Virgin Mary, and not just because of zeppole and cannoli; St. Joseph is a patron of our Congregation. In the late 19th century, […]
2016.03.13 From the Heart of the Father! (3/15/2016) - Entry by Br. Rafael Solorio, OMV…The passionate study of Christ, which is the highest wisdom, ought to be their favorite activity. “Their model will be the public life of Jesus, upon which they will meditate often and most attentively.” (Directory of Fr. Lanteri)   These words from the constitutions of the Congregation of the Oblates […]
2016.03.06 Helping Christ Among Us (3/6/2016) - Entry by Jonas Verdeflor…On March 6, Laetare Sunday, my fellow postulant Colin and I went with four other volunteers of the Back Bay Mobile Soup Kitchen to hand out food, water and warm clothing to the homeless in the neighborhood. Our formator, Father Tom Carzon, OMV, encouraged us to participate, especially in this Year of […]
2016.02.28 Seminary Life is Awesome! (2/28/2016) - Entry by Br. Paul Nguyen, OMV…Seminary life is awesome! I have had the distinct privilege to serve on the Scholarship Dinner Committee over the past few years, as the seminarian representative and de-facto technological consultant for a whole range of electronic stuff. My prior training in computer science and web development positioned me perfectly to […]


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