OMV Vocation Director

Fr. Jeremy Paulin, OMV

Dear Friend,

Welcome to discernment with the Oblates of the Virgin Mary!

Here are some signs of an Oblate vocation:

A serious desire to become a saint. A sincere devotion to the Holy Eucharist. A loving relationship with the Virgin Mary. Fidelity to the Pope and the Magisterium. A humble spirit of service and sacrifice. A desire for contemplative prayer and silence. Capacity for friendship and community life. A confident masculine identity and integrity.  Zeal for the salvation of souls.

Maybe one of these resonates with you…or maybe you are drawn to us in some other way. everyone’s path is unique. Trust!


No matter what, I want you to know that great graces await you on the path and adventure  of your vocation. If you are  being called to be an Oblate Religious Priest or Brother, the Lord is offering you a great gift and joy. Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid to share with me, with your priest, or your spiritual director that you think God may be calling you. There are many things that may pass through  your mind and heart as you linger on this sense of being called by God. I suspect that all priests and religious will tell you that once they spoke about their calling with a priest or religious, they were given more clarity and understanding and peace about it.

As Mary directs us at Cana, listen to Jesus and “Do what He tells you!” Even a little “Yes” to God in your discerment will give you greater clarity in your vocational journey.

Venerable Fr Pio Bruno Lanteri, our founder, loved quoting and dwelling on Wisdom 1:1: “Think of the Lord in goodness.” Do that. Think of the Lord in goodness, and trust in Him. He is calling you to some great service of love, in the call to the New Evangelization. If you sense that you are being called to be an Oblate religious or a priest, please contact me by email at or by telephone at 617-869-2429.

Please take a moment to watch this video about the OMV:

Please ask and I will promptly mail you more information and a full length DVD about the OMV.

I am waiting to assist you in any way I am able.  Be assured of my prayers for you daily, and may Jesus guide you through the hands and heart of Mary!

Fr Jeremy OMV


The following is my upcoming travel schedule. At other times I am in Boston ready to serve you.

If you see that I am in your area and would like to meet up with me, let me know and it would be my honor to meet with you in person.


December 23- January 2, St. Peter Chanel OMV Parish, Hawaiian Gardens, CA

January 4 – 20, Holy Ghost OMV Parish, Denver, CO and Seminarians Retreat SJV Seminary.

January 25 – February 24, St. Peter Chanel OMV Parish, Hawaiian Gardens, CA

February 26 – March 2, Boston, MA Come and See/Discernment of Spirits Seminar with Fr Timothy Gallagher OMV

April 4 – 9, St. Peter Chanel OMV Parish, Hawaiian Gardens, CA

April 15 – 20, Come and See Retreat, Our Lady of Grace OMV Seminary, Boston, MA

April 24 – 27, Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, Youth 2000 Retreat (San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston)

April 27- May 4, Church of the Holy Ghost, Denver, CO

May 8 – June 2, St. Peter Chanel OMV Parish, Hawaiian Gardens, CA

June 4 – 25, Ave Maria FL, FOCUS New Staff training