Venerable Bruno Lanteri lived a life close to God, and we believe that he is with Him now in Heaven. Throughout his eventful life, he wrote extensively about relying on a strong faith in God to weather difficult times. His quotes about hope despite discouragements are especially powerful.

About Venerable Lanteri

Ven. Lanteri, founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, was a priest in Northern Italy in the early 1800s and no stranger to turbulent times.

After the French Revolution, Europe was filled with an anti-Christian spirit and multiple attempts to undermine the authority of the pope. There was also a surge of Jansenism, a theological movement marked by fixation on the depravity of Man and by belief in the need for Divine Grace to do any good. The movement also believed that some people cannot benefit from the sacrifice of Jesus, even if they believe and repent.

And yet, Ven. Lanteri did not allow his hope in God to sway during times of discouragement. He pushed on to “Begin Again”. Learn more about Venerable Bruno Lanteri’s life, cause for canonization and his writings.

Quotes About Hope in Times of Discouragement

The following ten quotes about hope are pulled from the various writings and letters of Venerable Bruno Lanteri. They share the common theme of finding hope in God despite life’s discouragements.

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We hope the words of Ven. Lanteri help to ease your worries and give you the courage to turn to the Lord during these difficult times in our lives.

“We must always grow in this virtue: it is impossible to hope too much. The one who hopes for everything obtains everything.”

“If I fail often, I will come to know my weakness ever more clearly, and, with peace of heart, I will promise to grow.”

“Be firmly resolved never to let yourself be troubled by anything in the world. Present yourself humbly and with complete confidence to the Lord in prayer, and he will not fail to have compassion on you.”

“For the love of God, do not forget to resist constantly a displeasing frame of mind, and never cease to begin again at all times.”

“This will be then the remedy for all your feelings of sadness and of fearfulness of heart: the thought that, with the grace of God… you can do anything.”

“Lest this fear, so just in itself, lead to discouragement and dejection of heart, we must inseparably accompany it with the firmest hope in God.”

“Discouragement is the greatest obstacle on the way of salvation.”

“I asked the Lord to give you great courage and firm hope in God, so that strengthened by these virtues you might resist every discouragement…”

“Christian hope, as you know, is not only a counsel, but also a precept at all times.”

“I am sure that the Lord will bless you, and even procure great consolations for your heart.”

Praying for the Intercession of Ven. Lanteri

During times of discouragement, turn to God and trust in His plan. The Oblates of the Virgin Mary believe that Ven. Lanteri holds a special relationship with God in Heaven. During the pandemic, we have been praying for his intercession with the Lord.

If you have an intention or special favor that you would like us to join you in prayer for, please send us your request. It would be a great joy to join you in prayer through the intercession of Ven. Lanteri.

Free Workshop: Overcoming Spiritual Discouragement

The guidance and encouragement that Ven. Lanteri offered in letters to his spiritual directees offer valuable lessons for our faith journeys in modern times. We invite you to join us for a free virtual workshop with Fr. Timother Gallagher, OMV, to further explore his teachings and message of hope. Register today and start anytime!

Have Venerable Lanteri’s words inspired you to focus on a relationship with God? Is there a quote about hope and faith in God that has resonated with you or given you strength? Please connect and share with us in the comments below.

4 comments on “10 Quotes About Hope in Times of Discouragement From Bruno Lanteri”

  1. 1
    Greg DeFloria on July 8, 2020

    Please pray that my daughter gets accepted to Salus University college of optometry before she has to renew her lease in Boston.

  2. 2
    Carmel Hogan on July 10, 2020

    Please pray for all of my intentions and thanksgivings especially withdrawal from prescription drug and chronic pain God bless and thanks 🙏🏻

    1. 3
      Nancy Mccoy on June 26, 2021

      I have been there! 6 months clean today so I found it odd that I came across your post. Look I know u think u can’t do this. U r right….only God can. If u follow this and stay out of the way-its much easier than u think. This king of u!

  3. 4
    Joanna Sherry on November 5, 2020

    Please pray for our country and the salvation of souls.

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