We encourage you to ask for prayers and special favors through the intercession of Venerable Bruno Lanteri. To request that the Oblates join you in prayer, please send us a prayer request.

What Is the Intercession Prayer?

When you pray for intercession, you reach out to someone you believe is close to God in hopes that they will then intervene with God on your behalf. The Oblates of the Virgin Mary believe that Ven. Bruno Lanteri holds that special relationship with God in Heaven and is worthy of sainthood.

Say the prayer to ask for the intercession of Ven. Lanteri in English below. If you’d prefer to say the intercession prayer in Spanish, French, Italian or Tagalog, those translations are available on the following pages:

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Prayer for the Intercession of Venerable Bruno Lanteri

Fr. Bruno Lanteri intercession prayerO Father, fountain of all life and holiness

You gave Venerable Bruno Lanteri great faith in Christ, your son, a lively hope, and an active love for the salvation of his brethren.

You made him a prophet of your word and a witness to your mercy.

He had a tender love for Mary and by his very life he taught fidelity to the Church.

Father, hear the prayer of Your family and, through the intercession of Venerable Lanteri, grant us the grace for which we now ask

May he be raised to the altars that we may give You greater praise. We ask this through Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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Answered Prayers

If you’ve had your prayers to Ven. Lanteri answered, we’d love to hear about it! Submit your answered prayers, and they may be used in the cause for canonization.

Venerable Bruno Lanteri is the founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary. His cause for canonization began in 1920, and he was declared Venerable by Pope Paul VI in 1965. Confident in his sanctity, we await his canonization with joyful hope.