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Dr. Cabrini Pak Discusses the Life and Legacy of Venerable Bruno Lanteri

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Have you ever wondered what the process for sainthood is? Watch as Dr. Cabrini Pak discusses the life and legacy of Venerable Bruno Lanteri, the founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, and what it takes to become a saint today.

In the first part of this episode of The Gist, Dr. Cabrini Pak discusses the life and legacy of Venerable Bruno Lanteri. Venerable Lanteri lived most of his life under Napoleonic rule, when the Church and Vatican were experiencing real persecution. In the midst of this turmoil, Venerable Bruno Lanteri was also combating the errors and heresies of his time. Along with the laity, who made up a movement called the Amicizia Christiana (the Christian Friendship), Venerable Bruno Lanteri worked tirelessly to spread good literature to combat prevalent heresies, in particular, the heresy of Jansenism.

Dr. Pak first discusses the necessary steps in the process for becoming a saint. The first step looks at the life and writings of an individual in verifying that the person lived a life of holiness that is worthy of imitation. Dr. Pak then details the two miracles required for the next steps: the first miracle for the step of beatification, and the second for the step of canonization.

Dr. Pak also discusses the role of intercessory prayer in the life of the Church. Dr. Pak references the gospel accounts of the paralytic and the wedding feast at Cana to show the biblical grounding for the tradition of intercessory prayer. While the individuals in these stories are bringing the needs of their friends to Jesus, it is Jesus who is the one who ultimately works the miracles.

Dr. Pak talks about how hundreds of prayer requests have come into the Venerable Bruno Lanteri website. Dr. Pak also discusses the work of the Lanteri Guild, which helps to spread the word about Venerable Bruno Lanteri, and also distributes prayer cards and materials containing his writings and quotes.

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