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The Examen Prayer – Themes and Content


Finding God in All Things

  • Examples of Awareness of God’s Presence
  • Past use of the Examen
  • Problem of narrow moralism or Pelagianism
  • Conscience and Consciousness
  • Paying attention to experience
  • Also a tool of discernment, fidelity to grace


  • Positive value of gratitude
  • Gratitude in trials
  • Ingratitude worst sin
  • Giving thanks


  • Ask light and courage to see our day
  • Tendency to blindness or avoidance
  • Simplified or extensive review


  • God is forgiving
  • Experience of Mercy
  • Sins, wounds, imperfections/desolations
  • Self-acceptance
  • Forgiving others


  • New energy to serve – gospel examples
  • Resolution
  • Hope for future
  • FAQ’s about Examen:  sequence, emphasis, necessity of successive steps

Discernment of Spirits (introduction)

  • What is discernment?
  • Psychological vs. spiritual
  • Spiritual consolation
  • What to do in consolation
  • Spiritual desolation
  • What to do in desolation
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