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Anniversary Appeal Progress

Check out our progress below to see how far we’ve come. The total includes cash and in-kind gifts received and pledged, as well as planned gifts.

Fundraising Progress

$5,485,245 Raised of $6,900,000 Goal

We know that our goals and initiatives are ambitious and that achieving them will involve sacrifice. We’re so very grateful for the dedicated, supportive and faithful friends who have offered us hope and contributed toward the many victories won for Christ throughout the history of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary.

Holy Ghost Testimonial

Parishioner at St. Mary’s Church

Alton, IL

Just wanted to “Thank you” all for your dedication and service doing God’s will. We at St. Mary’s in Alton feel so blessed to have our Oblates when we so many parishes are struggling for priests. May God Bless you All, and again Thanks and prayers.

Parishioner at St. Peter Chanel Church

Hawaiian Gardens, CA

In my travels in the USA and Europe, I have never seen a Catholic church that has so many wonderful activities in spirituality, frequent sacrament of reconciliation, very good dress code, daily adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and devote parishioners, as well as outstanding homilies.

It’s been a privilege and joy for me to attend so many of your outstanding events. I don’t believe one could find a Catholic church anywhere as vibrant, dynamic and spiritual. The members of St. Peter are truly blessed.

My most sincere thanks to all the priests and staff at St. Peter’s who make your parish so very special.

Parishioners at Holy Ghost Church

Denver, CO

We love our Oblates at Holy Ghost. Thank you for your mission of mercy.