Nunc Coepi DocumentaryThe exhibition of the film “Nunc Coepi” is being done in three stages.  Stage One consists of special screenings at various locations.  Stage Two consists of showings on television and at film festivals.  Stage Three consists of a wide digital distribution so that anyone, anywhere can see “Nunc Coepi” on virtually any digital device.

Stage One

Gallagher DocumentaryThis stage took place in the last months of 2016.  There were screenings in Boston, MA; Carignano, Italy;  Pinerolo, Italy;  Alton, IL; and Denver, CO.  These screenings were a great success and the hundreds of people who saw the film really raved about it.  The Q&A/ discussion time after the film was very fruitful and illuminating.  There are still possible new screenings that will occur in the coming weeks and months.  When they are scheduled, they will be posted here.

Stage Two

This stage is just beginning.  We are currently negotiating with film festivals and television networks for the broadcast of “Nunc Coepi.”  It should be noted that we are currently negotiating with networks that are not only on cable but also feature live streaming on the Internet so that millions of people will be able to view the program when it is aired.  We do not have any firm dates right now nor do we have firm dates for potential film festival showings.  When we do, they will be posted here right away.  We hope to have more information for you on this during the first few months of 2017.

Stage Three

It is our hope to eventually have “Nunc Coepi” on-line and widely available, so that just about anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to watch “Nunc Coepi” using just about any kind of digital device.  We hope this will happen sometime in the year 2017.  We will let you know as soon as we have a firm date, and that date will be posted here.