Nunc Coepi DocumentaryThe exhibition of the film “Nunc Coepi” is being done in three stages.  Stage One consists of special screenings at various locations.  Stage Two consists of showings on television and at film festivals.  Stage Three consists of a wide digital distribution so that anyone, anywhere can see “Nunc Coepi” on virtually any digital device.

Stage One

Gallagher DocumentaryThis stage took place in the last months of 2016.  There were screenings in Boston, MA; Carignano, Italy;  Pinerolo, Italy;  Cuneo, Italy: Alton, IL; Denver, CO, and Hawaiian Gardens, CA.  These screenings were a great success and the hundreds of people who saw the film really raved about it.  The Q&A/ discussion time after the film was very fruitful and illuminating.

Stage Two

This stage is coming to an end but has been successful.  EWTN broadcast “Nunc Coepi” world-wide on August 5th and will re-broadcast the film on December 8th at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time.  In addition, “Nunc Coepi” was not only the official selection at three different film festivals but won a total of five awards:

Best Documentary of 2017 — Auckland International Film Festival

Outstanding Achievement Award for a Film on Religion — Calcutta Cult International Film Festival

Award of Excellence (Inspirational Film) — Depth of Field International Film Festival

Award of Outstanding Excellence (Sound Editing) — Depth of Field International Film Festival

Award of Excellence (Voice Over Talent — English Language Narrator) — Depth of Field International Film Festival

Stage Three

“Nunc Coepi — The Life of Venerable Bruno Lanteri” will be available on-line for everyone to see on January 6, 2018.  A total of three versions will be uploaded:  the English Version (all audio in English), the Italian Version (all audio in Italian), and the Spanish Version (audio in English with Spanish subtitles).