The teachings and spirituality of Venerable Bruno Lanteri were preserved in his writings and have remained actionable and relevant in modern times. The writings included here constitute a small sample of Venerable Bruno Lanteri’s many notes, sermons, letters of spiritual direction and other compositions.

“Be of good heart, because the Lord is with you, and he loves you.” Ven. Bruno Lanteri

Counsels of Mercy

Venerable Lanteri spoke and wrote about God’s infinite mercy and the love, hope and fulfillment that it can bring to a life at every opportunity. Read excerpts from his writings for encouragement and reflection on God’s mercy.

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Counsels of Hope

While fears or perceived failings might keep us from turning to God, Bruno Lanteri encouraged people to approach the Lord with confidence in His mercy. Browse excerpts of Ven. Lanteri’s writings and letters that speak to the power and necessity of hope for God’s love.

Read Lanteri’s Counsels of Hope

Directory of the Original Rule

Bruno Lanteri labored over a directory that would expound the early Rules of the Congregation and describe more fully how Oblates were to live them. Browse this in depth look at the Rule from the perspective of the founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary.

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Letter to a Grieving Mother

Ven. Lanteri wrote a letter to a woman who recently lost her child. He conveys a message of both human and spiritual solace, encouraging her and her children to turn to God in times of grief.

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Letter to a Discouraged Friend

In “Letter to a Discouraged Friend,” Lanteri encourages trusting and placing hope in God to work through times of uncertainty and discouragement. The themes of his spiritual direction, overcoming discouragement and the fidelity of prayer, find their way into this letter as well.

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Quality of Actions

Read excerpts from the Directory of Venerable Bruno Lanteri that outline the importance of doing good actions and doing them well, day in and day out.

Read the Quality of Actions Excerpts

Gentleness and Humility

Many of Bruno Lanteri’s writings stress the importance of gentleness and humility in everyday life, offering one peace and joyfulness. Read excerpts from three of his letters that encourage this fulfilling way of life.

Read Excerpts on Gentleness and Humility

Lanteri and the Eucharist

Although this account was not written by Ven. Lanteri himself, it describes the last days of his life by a former atheist who had a change of heart after hearing Lanteri’s teachings. The excerpt demonstrates Lanteri’s devotion to the Eucharist during the end of his life.

Read About Lanteri’s Devotion to the Eucharist

The Spiritual Writings of Venerable Pio Bruno Lanteri

The Oblates of the Virgin Mary compiled a book filled with Venerable Bruno Lanter’s writings on spirituality, including his personal spirituality, prayer and meditation, devotion to Mary and spiritual direction.

Read Lanteri’s Spiritual Writings

Explore More of Ven. Bruno’s Teachings

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