Some of those who have submitted prayer requests through the intercession of Venerable Bruno Lanteri have given us permission to post their intentions so that others may join in the prayer. Here are a few of them.

Tom F.

“Dr and father of 4 young boys, diagnosed w/brain cancer. He is a daily communicant.”


“Pray for me so that the way to the priesthood will be a successful one. Please ask God to forgive me my sins.”


“I want to become priest. My problem is, I do not know if it is a diocesan or religious.”


“Healing of Donald’s cancer, and a new home for my family.”

Ron C.

“Please pray for me, for my spiritual development. Also, I am desirous of employment in which I can utilize my business degree.”


“Please pray for the healing and protection of my family. …Please pray also for the gift of conversion for my mother, my husband and my other relatives… Please pray also for the healing and protection of my friend M. and her family… Thank you very much! God bless you!”

Carmen E.

“Humbly requesting prayers for my husband for the salvation, healing & conversion of his soul back to our Lord. That he be liberated of all evil ties and listens our Lord’s voice …as well healing for our two daughters. Praying our daughters keep in their heart of our Celestial Father’s love for all of us and of increasing faith, hope, love & all virtues for all of us.”

Marisa D.

“Please pray for my Mom who has a tumor in her optical nerve of left eye. The doctors have recommended radiation. She is afraid of losing her sight. Please pray the conversion of heart of my husband, and C and J.”

Anne Q.

“Complete healing of my daughter.”

Ryan A.

“Please pray for me if it is God’s will to let me enter in married life that He will give me a means of livelihood in order to support my family and that I will meet my lifetime partner. But, if it is God’s calling of letting me enter in religious life, that He guide me to what congregation I should join.”

Sandra M.

“Please pray for protection for S. and A.; for S. not to need spinal operation–for her healing; for safe growth of baby for T.; for T & B’s conversion, return to sacraments; for marriage in church. For special graces to overcome addiction to drugs/alcohol for J, C, K, and C, and for them to have grace to overcome temptations to drugs/alcohol/suicide. For M’s conversion, infilling of Holy Spirit; for her to put God first; for loving Catholic husband if it is God’s will. May God manifest His will for her life in a powerful way so she will have no more doubts. For knowledge of God’s will in my own life and further growth in prayer life. I thank God for his gift of tears, consolations. May I receive more infilling of Holy Spirit, all fruits and gifts so I become the person God desires me to be. For all those I mentioned, for God’s will to be done in their lives. For peace in all hearts, homes, families, world.”


“For healing for KD from stage 4 breast cancer. For good results from her scan today and for peace in living each day fully. For Dad’s peace.”

C. L.

“I’ve been ill for the past year with a spinal problem but things are slowly coming back. …I’m asking that we all pray for Pope Francis.”

Nancy C.

“Prayers are needed for my grandson, who has a feeding tube, cannot crawl or walk yet, or talk, as he was born with a syndrome called the Kubuki Syndrome. We are praying for a “total miracle healing”. My daughter needs a mental healing. My sons need God to illuminate their minds as to what career paths they should take, and for confidence for both of them. I and several of my friends are and have been battling cancer for many years now and our request, if it is God’s will for us, is complete & total healing of all cancers in our bodies. Also, for my other daughter and her boyfriend to come into the Catholic Church. I also pray for myself and each of my family members to have our faith increase a million times over with each breath we take, and to experience God’s total peace & joy. Also, to accept His will at all times in our lives!”

“For a Holy Ghost parishioner with advanced cancer.”