Lanteri’s heart perceives with special joy the “unshakable gentleness in every occasion” of Christ (Un’esperienza, 146), and the warmth of that humble attitude which is “characteristic of Christ” (ibid., 133); he desires to foster such dispositions in those he directs spiritually. Lanteri finds in our inevitable failings an opportunity to grow in a humility, which removes all discouragement regarding such faults, and gives us peace.

“I will treat all those who live here with great warmth and politeness…. I will always be joyful in the company of others, and I will willingly accede to the tastes of the other women in matters of leisure time and in all that is not a question of sin.” — To a Married Woman, Positio, 535

“Peace of heart, a joyful spirit, love of neighbor, compassion for the sorrows of others, goodness of heart, patience, quiet endurance, affability, acceptance of others’ desires which are not of offense to God: in short, to be gentle and lowly of heart. This is the character I propose to have and which I will continually ask of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of Mary.” — To a Married Woman, ibid., 540

“I beg you then with all the energy of my heart, not to be afraid of your past failings, but rather to let the memory of them lead you to a greater knowledge of yourself and humility before the Lord, and, at the same time, to encourage you to trust all the more in our heavenly Father, who is always so ready to welcome, forgive, and assist us.” — To Ricasoli, Carteggio, II, 170