It’s a great joy to intercede for you, but that joy is made even greater when you share with us stories of God’s goodness in your lives. Testimonies of answered prayers help to encourage all of us who bring these prayer requests to God through Ven. Bruno’s intercession. They may also embolden others to turn to God in trust and hope. Every testimony also helps bring Ven. Bruno one step closer to beatification! Please use this page to share with us stories of favors received, from small to large, so that we can rejoice in God’s goodness with you.

Some of those who have reported favors through the prayerful intercession of Venerable Bruno Lanteri have given us permission to share their testimonies. Here are a few of them:

“Special thanks to Ven. Bruno Lanteri for his intercession in my prayer request for my daughter’s pregnancy. She did the first viability test after blood & urine tests confirming the pregnancy and was told roughly that there was nothing there. She tried to ask questions, but the technician would not respond. All he said was “next week we will discuss non-viability”. She was losing all hope because of this but tried hard to retain some hope. I assured her I would ask for prayers and did so. I came across this site for Ven. Lanteri and prayed the prayer for his beatification from my heart. I also consecrated this little baby to Our Lady… Yesterday, Sept. 19th she had her 2nd viability test with a different technician and she saw the baby immediately and even heard the heartbeat! She answered some of my daughter’s questions and reassured her that all is well. Soon they will do an ultrasound. I give Ven. Lanteri special thanks for his intercession… as he seems to be a strong intercessor with Our Lady!” Quebec

“A parishioner became severely infected with a strain of strep bacteria that settled in several abscesses, including the cavity surrounding her thyroid. The infection and swelling were closing off her airway. She had to have several surgeries to scrape out the infection. She was on a ventilator and was moving quickly toward death. The Oblate priests visited her regularly and brought her a relic of Fr. Lanteri. We prayed for a miraculous recovery through the intercession of Ven. Lanteri. She has made the recovery and went home. Thank you, Fr. Lanteri!” Colorado

“It has been a very noticeable improvement. If my daughter continues to move in this direction I believe she can expect a recovery. The doctors at one point told us to lower our expectations, and now, they are telling us that she can do whatever she wants, that her illness will not get in the way. The team has reduced her medication substantially and she has done nothing but improve. She has lost weight and has gained cognitive strength. Please keep praying.” Florida