This account of the life of Venerable Bruno Lanteri by Msgr. Cristiani was translated from its original Italian for the 150th anniversary of his death on August 5, 1830. By translating and making this work widely available, we hope to encourage further study, discussion and deepening of Lanterian spirituality in today’s modern world.

A Cross for Napoleon: The Life of Father Bruno Lanteri (1759-1830) is derived from a large collection of documents on Ven. Lanteri published by the Sacred Congregation of Rights in 1945. It currently provides the most complete picture of his life.

The 165-page book walks through each stage of his life, from childhood and vocation through the founding of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, his ministry, and priestly career. His story is deeply rooted in the history of the times, noting the effects of Napoleon’s reign and the French occupation of Italy.

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